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Nutrition Power And Bread Crumb Processing Line


Nutrition Power And Bread Crumb Processing Line

This process line is one of the newly developed double-screw extruding techniques of our company. The traditional stir-fry handiwork has low efficient, its sanitation and quality are difficult to control, and usable raw materials are less. The double-screw extruding technique makes up those lacks. It not only can process grain materials, like buckwheat, oats, etc. but strengthen the nutrients to produce multi-functional nutritional healthy food, such as slimming grain powder, buckwheat powder, black sesame paste, red Chinese date thick soup, etc.

This processing line can make modified strach,pre gel strach by changing different designed barrel and screws of twin screw extruder,Modified strach is widely used in textile ,food process,oil drilling ,paper ,construction industries etc.

Breadcrumbs is mainly used for fried beefsteak and chicken as frying dressing. This line is specially designed and developed to operate from the material to final shaping automatically with less manpower, without taste, lower production cost, and higher production efficiency. This process line is firstly designed and manufactured by our company.


a. Raw materials: Adopts wheat flour as raw materials meanwhile mixing with water and oil

b. Products: Bread crumbs Nutrition Power

c. Equipment list :Mixer-Screw conveyer-Double screw extruder-Shaping machine-Hoister- Pulverize machine-Air conceyor-Dryer-Air conveyor -Sieve

d. Machines Materials: All the machines are made by stainless steel

Model Power Output Size
HM-65 75KW 100-160KG/H 19000*2000*3500MM
HM-70 90KW 200-260KG/H 26000*2000*3500MM
HM-85 150KW 300-500KG/H 28000*2500*3800MM
HM-95 180KW 1000-1500KG/H 32000*2500*3800MM

Industry and Materials

Application:Nutrition Power And Bread Crumb
Raw material:Wheat flour


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